Skiathos is a mountainous wooded island with beautiful sandy beaches but there is much else to do on the island which is about 15km long and 6km broad and covered with olive trees and indigenous forests with many fountains and streams. There are lovely cliff and mountain paths to eplore all over the island.

There are five monasteries worth visiting and the island is also dappled with small churches, all reachable by foot, car or scooter, which can be rented on Skiathos. There is also a regular coach service from one end of the island to the other and day or longer visits to neighbouring islands are possible via a variety of small boats or ferries.

Skiathos village, with it's many many tavernas,restaurants and interesting little shops, is a vibrant town which really comes to life at night, when eating out, walking the streets, Greek music, dancing and relaxing in an atmosphere of complete carefreeness seduces one's spirit.